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PageBreeze Updates

Updates work for both the free and professional versions. Click the download button below to get the update.

Once you purchase the Professional version, all future upgrades are free for life!

Version 5 is here!

Version 5 includes a completely new editor with support for the latest HTML standards, many new formatting features, improved stability and ease of use, and support for Microsoft Windows 8.

Version 5.0 works with any 32- or 64-bit version of Microsoft WIndows. You must also have Internet Explorer 7.0 or later installed, but IE does not have to be your default browser.

Latest Update: Version 5.0


Get PageBreeze Professional!

PageBreeze Professional includes some powerful extra features and is fully licensed for commercial use.

Additional Features in PageBreeze Professional:

  • Built-in FTP publishing. PageBreeze 5 now supports secure FTP connections.
  • Extra webpage templates.
  • No messages will appear at the bottom of the screen (the editor area is larger).
  • Multiple Editor Windows make it easy to work on multiple pages or websites simultaneously. You can easily copy/paste between pages, etc.
  • New! "Sync to Source" feature takes you directly to the corresponding HTML code, and highlights the line, when you switch from Normal to HTML Source Views. This feature is also available on a limited demonstration basis in the free version.
  • New! Support for inserting Flash files and IFrames in the visual editor.
  • New! Support for editing PHP as well as HTML files.
  • Free Upgrades for Life! All future upgrades are free downloads once you purchase PageBreeze Professional.

Purchase PageBreeze Professional Now!  Just $29.95!

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